Hydroalcoholic wipes. Box of 100 units

Ingredients: Alcohol, glycerin, aqua.

Properties: Sanitizing wipes.

How to use it: Unfold and apply to hands, rubbing gently with the wipe.

Indicated for: Cleaning of hands and surfaces.

They contain: Water and glycerin, to hydrate, soften the hands and rebalance the natural PH of the skin.

The alternative to the gel that dries your hands.

Reduces the microbial load on the hands.

The effectiveness of hydroalcoholic wipes has been verified by the Valencian Institute of Microbiology IVAMI.
The results of the tests carried out on our wipes confirm their bactericidal, levarucidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties in accordance with the standards: UNE EN 1040: 2006, UNE EN 1275: 2007, UNE EN 14476: 2014 + A2: 2020