We are a most reliable and competitive blanket & textile manufacturer, specialized in the production of inflight items, alongside with military, hospital, penitentiary and, in general, niche market textiles.

The company was founded in February 1996 but is the successor of a major blanket manufacturer established since 1800 in Greece, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands, producing in today’s facilities in Spain since December 1992.

We are vertically integrated from spinning to confection, producing all types of jacquard woven blankets for airline, home, institutional & military use.

Our blankets are made of both natural (wool, cotton) and synthetic (acrylic, modacrylic, polyester, polypropylene, cellulose) fibres and blends, as we dispose of both ring and open-end spinning systems.

As the supplier of major airlines and extremely demanding institutions, eg. German Army, we have been able to demonstrate our mastering of both physical and chemical properties in our blanket’s process ( permanent antistatic, bacteriostatic & antifungal, air permeability & thermal insulation).

Since 2002, we are also producing fleece, washable and disposable blankets,rotable and disposable bed and tablelinen, pillows & pillowcases, headrest, duvets and comforters.

We continuously upgrade our lean production facilities in Spain, which, some customers value as an insurance cover against potential intercontinental supply disruptions.

Our labour force is skilled and highly productive, in areas of great textile tradition with every necessary support available within close range.


Integrated quality, environment and social responsibility policy