Products to protect against Covid-19

Products to protect against Covid-19.

The world has changed dramatically after the pandemic that caused COVID-19. A virus that spread with lethal speed, demanding a radical change in our lifestyle, especially in the different protection measures that can combat it. From personal sanitary articles to those designed for a community of users, all are indispensable to guarantee the well-being and safety of people.

COVID-19 is a virus that is characterized by affecting the respiratory system of peoplewith the respiratory and digestive tracts being its main routes to attack humans. Based on this, it has been determined that the use of masks is the protection measure par excellence, thanks to its ability to partially block the passage of different microorganisms that travel through the air.

Use our alcohol wipes for cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces and your hands in your home regularly, is an important precaution to lower the risk of infection.