Our company firmly believes in the continuous improvement of our processes, with the clear intention of always offering the best product and service, in order to satisfy our main interest groups at all levels.

Acting according to our values is extremely important as it strengthens us, positions us and builds trust among our customers, suppliers and employees, allowing us to grow in an ethical, transparent, integrated and honest way.

Our adhesion to the Global Compact is a clear evidence of the conviction that EURO GOODNIGHT has that the growth of our company must have as pillars the values that characterize us along with the 10 Principles.

Euro-GOODNIGHT, has always wanted to know those companies that are part of our supply chain. We have visited them, we know them and, in fact, some of them we audit as if they were ours, to have an exhaustive control of their processes of production. In these moments, and to have the maximum information about our supply chain, we are going to go a step further, and we are trying to transfer our commitment to respect and care of the Environment to our suppliers.

As part of Euro-GOODNIGHT’s commitment to the environment, in 2017 the company obtained the ISO 14.001 certificate that certifies our environmental management system. Part of the success of this certification in our company comes from the control we perform on our supply chain and the control of all the processes that intervene in our production process.

Early 2016, we entered, together with the specialized UK-based Company Systainable Solutions Ltd  ( a 2 year project aiming at maximizing the sustainability, and eco-friendliness of our production.

Systainable Solutions Ltd’s business model addresses the optimization and performance improvement of textile manufacturers.

Systainable’s customer base is global and their size spans from smaller to gigantic operations with billion $ turnover. Besides working directly with Textile mills to optimize their performance, Systainable also has extensive collaborations with retailers & international organizations such as M&S, IFC, Tesco, GOTS, Made-By and others.

The Scope of our collaboration with Systainable spans over our entire production from raw material (here targets include maximizing recycled material share in the synthetic products and full traceability in the natural fibres products) over to the weaving and processing stages (which are being optimized in terms of efficiency, resource input and environmental and societal impact) over to finishing/packaging and distribution.

Euro-Goodnight Integrated CSR Policy